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The Driver Fitting Process

Interview the Customer

First, we want to become acquainted with the customer's perception of their driving, their strengths and weaknesses, and their goals.

Record Ball Flight Data of Current Driver

The player being fitted will hit their current driver several times as we measure ball speed, club head speed, power-transfer index, launch angle, back spin, curvature, landing angle, carry distance, and predicted roll.

Analyze the Flight Data

Next, we analyze the data and compare it to what the optimum would be for that given ball speed. Then, we determine what we need to change in order to optimize ball flight, resulting in greater distance, better accuracy, and enhanced total driving.

Hit a Demo Driver

We then have the player hit a driver that better optimizes the launch conditions, and then we quantify the results.

Refine the Driver Fitting

We explore shaft weight and length to maximize clubhead speed while maintaining solid contact.

Design the Ideal Driver

We then select the manufacturer, model, loft, shaft, length, face angle, and grip to best fit the player. We can then write up a detailed prescription for the driver to be built.